I wish I could get hearing molds for my hearing aids it sucks I don’t have the funs to pay for any of them I’m struggling anyone have advice in hearing aids

Hearing Loss

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  • GeoNerd


    One of the best things I can think of is to go to your local health department (usually a county health department) and ask them for information, they will usually have information about what the county or even state has to offer for assistance for hearing aids. I am Native American, so I get my hearing aids through my tribe but before I knew that I was Natove, I had insurance paying for them

    • LixiKat


      I will talk to my audiologist again I’m sure I can get the aids paid for for me there are just not a lot of opportunities for people of my race unless I go back to my own country hahaha but it’s ok there will be a light soon in my darkness thanks 💕

  • CraftyMama


    In my area there are agencies for deaf/hard of hearing. For me its called "resources for independence". I'd suggest contacting a Deaf school local to you or DORS or some similar agency for resources.

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