guys i need opinions. i was diagnosed with WPW at birth and have not had any flare ups until i got covid (and i am now 17). i almost fainted and heart rate went to 212 but came down on it’s own. i’ve had minor
episodes since but that all max out at 140bpm. last night i had what i speculate to be an AFIB episode and i recorded it on my heart monitor to send to my doctor because my heart rate was 200-180bpm. it came down on its own in about a minute. i just had a heart echo done and they said everything was normal. i’m super bummed because i was hoping to be eligible for an ablation to put an end to all of this. waiting for doctors opinion and i also have a second opinion for an echo in about a month. am i missing something? has anyone experienced the same thing? i just don’t know where to go from here. the only thing i’ve found that helps is beta blockers.

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  • Heartracer


    You just need find a heart doctor that listens . Basically my first one that confirmed mine was sexist and was really rude to me. When I spoke of my episodes he told me it was in my head, even though my heart rate show the wpw in the ekg . I did a couple different tests as well . I think the ekg what confirmed my wpw. But anyway I had go er one day and a nurse suggest a different heart doctor . So I changed heart doctor and after I went to this new cardiologist he was very nice . He referred me to a Electrocardiologist and he wanted to do the ablation right away to fix it and not put me on meds. You just need find right doctor willing listen and want to fix it .

  • Heartracer


    Just find a doctor whom listens and wants to help fix the problem and not just put you on meds. I know it takes forever to find the right doctor. I did get ablation but it didn’t go away completely but it did make it way better . But sometimes they don’t work and ppl still have slight wpw. I do know sometimes they decline if pathway hard to get to . But other then that I don’t see why they can’t if you have symptoms that are ongoing. I hope this helps you . I’m here you have any questions .

  • nonamesleft


    I agree with the above people, you need to change doctors. I was diagnosed with wpw as a child, but doctors did not think it was bad enough to do anything about. As an adult I went to a cardiologist and after seeing wpw on the ekg and stress test I was in surgery for an ablation shortly after.

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