Lately I’ve been feeling really fatigued and anxious I can’t seem to get out of bed or focus on things do any of you ever feel like that?


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  • eternalfrizz


    Commenting bc I’m dealing with the same thing. Also I love your username

  • KitKat723


    I do deal with something similar. I have chronic fatigue but some days are worse if i'm depressed. I know i tend to lose focus more when i am depressed and less motivated. Still looking for something that will help. It's a difficult thing to push through

  • rachelhoops


    yes I’m at this place right now actually. I’m going to try and do one of my hobbies and get myself up! do it with me☺️

  • Ky13


    That's an absolute mood. I currently feel the same I can't stop moving and "bouncing off the walls" (as in my brain. Like I'm unable to focus)

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