ive had diabetes for years now and it has made me have constant mood swings and taking out anger on loved ones, (on accident) i am struggling with keeping my numbers in a normal area range for me its like anywhere in the hundreds. i am more higher and i am usually in the 300’s and i am trying to lower my blood sugar numbers and it is not working. does anyone have any tips please that will work?

Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

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  • JCK


    Exercise always helps me to de-stress and keep my blood sugars lower.

  • soju


    can agree with the exercise thing! find some fun way to do it as well (like for me, i play beat saber because of the music and it's very exhausting after a time). also get lots of protein in your meals, it helps stabilize your blood sugars a lot! eggs, meat, and peanut butter are some of the better choices imo (at least with me). i keep to two meals a day with about 3 small snacks to keep me going. mine usually range in the 200's so i understand the frustration with struggling to keep them lowered properly.

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