I just started Gabapentin and I’m only on 100 mg, my doctor was really uncomfortable with prescribing me it since im under the age of 18. I’ve had more fibro fog since I started, what’s the symptoms your experiencing?


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  • Gen.Organa


    I’m on 300s of gabapentin, it can sometimes be a little sedating and if you take enough it can cause some fog. You may get used to it with time though.

  • AutieB


    I'm on 300mg 3x/day. I deal with daily fog every other day. I know lots of people who stopped taking it for their reasons due to brain fog. I keep taking it because I have CIDP and while I wait to start my IVIg I need pain relief and it's the only medication thats seemed to work in the mean time

  • Sammielouise


    I take 600 mg in the morning and 900 in the evening. It definitely made me feel foggy for a while but since I have gotten used to it I really don’t notice any side effects at all. I hope that it helps relive some of your pain and if not then that you are able to find something that works for you!

  • ToriLehm


    I’m on 400/4x daily so far. They’re using it off label to treat my anxiety but I find it can sometimes help my fibromyalgia? The issue is a lot of anti inflammatory medications don’t seem to help mine. So I experience lack of range of motion, fibro fog, & associated symptoms. But I’ve only been fully diagnosed for a year. It’s a process! You’ll get there!

  • PandaWuver


    I take 600 three times a day (total 1800) for anxiety and OCD. After initial side affects it has been nothing but helpful for me, as far as I’m aware.

  • Y0g1


    I’m on 900 mg. I don’t get any of the drowsiness but I don’t get drowsy even with like Benadryl or other things that do. I have brain fog due to TBI but it hasn’t gotten any worse since I was out on gabapentin

  • AnimalBoy


    I do get a fog outside of the high, Im prescribed 800mg for insomnia so that's the goal, but it doesn't get too bad unless I've been using weed as well.

  • _Aja_


    I started at 100 with the goal to dose up and am now at 300. I take it at night because we knew one of the side effects could be drowsiness (especially combined with other meds). It’s especially helpful for my insomnia!

  • 100Percent_K


    I take 600mg at night and 300mg in the morning. It did make me feel very foggy and sleepy at first, but over time I’ve gotten more used to it

  • Beeble


    I have also had more fog every time I take it!

  • ThisUsernameIsTaken


    My brain was so foggy I forgot where I lived. Couldn't even remember what my house looked like. Also all my mental imagery became distorted. When I pictured something in my mind is was all messed up. I quite taking it. I'd rather be in pain than not be able to think clearly.

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