Does anyone else with vulvodynia/vaginismus struggle with an overactive bladder / interstitial cystitis?

Chronic Vulvodynia

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  • alfalfaman


    yes!!!! and they keep testing me for UTIs and I never have one. is it something to do with the nerves in the pelvic floor ..?

    • JD1314


      hi! I'm the same. Recurring UTI symptoms but always negative results. I've been dealing with urgency for a long time and misdiagnosed with interstitial cystitis and Overactive Bladder. My vulvodynia started eighteen months ago and it's pretty hopeless for me. My doc thinks it's something to do with my clitoris and urethra but can't pinpoint it. We're moreorless grabbing at straws, going through meds to see if any work...

  • goldaxolotl


    Same with me ! I think it does have to do with pelvic floor muscles being all connected so I’m seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist to see if that helps

  • wheezynwavy


    Me! 🙋🏾

  • Fayra


    Yes, I have both as well plus endometriosis.

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