I know that both IBS-C and IBS- D are awful to have, but sometimes I wish I had diarrhea instead of constipation.

My sister has IBS-D, and she lives off of Imodium pills. She goes to the bathroom normally because she always takes them! But with my constipation, there’s just no wining! I’m either super clogged up and in pain, or I take Lactulose and have pain from the diarrhea. It’s just constant pain either way. And because I’m not used to diarrhea pains, it’s just 10x worse, you know? The stomach pain and the burning; it’s just awful. But if I was like my sister, I could just take Imodium all the time and be fine. XD

I just wish the world was perfect and I could have been born in perfect health. Why must I be this way!!

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  • Kaislyn


    I have IBS-M(mixed) and they are both absolutely awful. From my experience my IBS-D episodes are AWFUL and my IBS-C episodes are manageable and not painful. I guess it’s different for everyone, but when I’m constipated, instead of medication, I use herbs and it helps my body naturally process things without pain!

    • Sissy2


      you can take other things instead of lactolos which is harsh try miralax you have to drink slot of water with it but it works too

      • Mafuyu


        I’m actually allergic to Miralax, so my only option is Lactulose. XD What kind of herbs do you take for your constipation?

    • Sissy2


      what herbs do you use for obscure?

    • 100Percent_K


      I also have IBS-M and I am right there with you. The constipation rounds are easier to deal with. The diarrhea straight burns and it sometimes makes me cry with how bad it burns

  • Sissy2


    I love spell check ibsc

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