What helps you to want life even on the days you don’t really want life anymore?


Chronic Pain

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    Usually when i find myself in that mindset I try to do something simple that makes me happy. Like jamming on my keyboard or just sitting outside and really taking in the beauty of nature. Fully in the moment. It helps you remember to appreciate ALL the things we get in life, and helps me remember that maybe there are some things to live for (,:

  • Waterlemon


    I tend to allow myself to ignore the rest of the world for a little while and do something that is purely for me! i love geology and rocks, so i’ll usually take a walk on the beach or just on a road i’ve never been on before, listen to a podcast or just favorite music, just have a ME day :)

  • Kirin


    Sometimes the only thing that has kept me going before is the guilt of causing other people pain by leaving.

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