Does anyone here suffer from infertility and is currently single ? Sometimes I feel dismissed because of my relationship/marital status.

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  • MommyShark


    Yes I am infertile and I've never been married. I agree we get dismissed because they assume we don't want children. It's heinous because the trauma it does to your psyche is the same regardless of your relationship status. I could even argue it's even more traumatic once the depression of being unable to conceive sets in because you actually start to believe no man will want you because of it. I was able to process the emotions several years ago but still remember very clearly how it felt to be "less than a woman". I try to focus on being grateful because God blessed me with one child before my ability was taken. It was severe complications from a botched c-section that took it from me. I do my best to remember how blessed I am because I've experienced motherhood. ❤️

  • Nikko81


    💕 💕 💕 Thanks for replying. Your response means a lot.

  • SammiC


    I’m single and currently trying to get pregnant using donor sperm. I’ve had two failed ivf cycles and my doctor essentially told me to give up or use donor eggs. I sincerely wonder if she’d be as dismissive if I was trying with a partner. It sucks.

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