Gained about 20 lbs on antidepressants (Lexapro) and had to get off of them. 5 weeks later and I still can’t shake the weight even with keto diet and exercise. Has anyone been able to lose the weight they gained on SSRI’s?

Nausea and Vomiting

Loss of weight




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  • Tom1991


    It is quite a challenge, I heard Wellbutrin can be a good alternative to promote weight loss.

  • angel715


    I'm on wellbutrin and a couple side affects are weight loss and loss of appetite but I'm convinced the loss of appetite stems from nausea. I wanna throw up all the time

  • Quinee


    I am taking bupropion and one of the side effects is weight loss ... You can consult your doctor who will help you find the medicine that is best for you.

  • Cassidy


    When i was on lexapro I actually lost weight

  • Sleepysleeps


    @Cassidy how long were you on it? I lost significant weight at first and then the opposite happened

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