Hello! I’ve been on medication for anxiety and depression since I was 17. Currently wondering if I have adhd as I have a lot of similar characteristics. Very hard to stay focused. Still have depression and anxiety and seem to get angry vey easy. Thoughts?


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  • Gimmick


    Don’t ever only think of one thing as an option. I thought I had bipolar because my father has that condition and next thing you know I’m in the process of being diagnosed with autism. Mental health is really confusing so if you have access to a good therapist or psychiatrist try to get onto the diagnosis path. My autism example is a bit different because that cannot be treated with medication, but adhd can (I believe). If that’s something you vibe with you probably want to get that rolling as soon as you can so you can get on the path of recovery

  • wndrgirl07


    I have anxiety and depression too, just to name a few… meds aren’t working 🙄🙄🙄 I suggest you see a psychiatrist and get testing done to check for the adhd. My nephew takes Aderol for that and it’s helped him greatly. But get tested first!! Also google ketamine infusions. It’s for anxiety and depression to name a few and you could possibly get off of meds after the treatments. I’m going to try it soon!!

  • lmh123


    I get angry easy

  • lindywoo


    i have recently been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and add. those three diagnoses are very similar and definitely go together a lot. for me, my add makes me unmotivated a lot. i also get those characteristics but depression could also be causing a lot of those symptoms. hope this helps ❤️

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