Hi my name is Lizzie I’m 22 years old transgender male to female know I had a depressive disorder a couple years ago but I was recently diagnosed with PTSD is that bad when you mix PTSD and autism spectrum disorder together?


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    By the standard dis-order and dis-ease model of psychology, literally anything we have described is "abnormal" or "bad." PTSD isn't a "good" thing, but, it may help you to know that Autism and PTSD are very, very commonly concurrent. One of the most concurrent disease pairs, just s touch behind ADHD-ASD. Basically every autist walking around has PTSD because this godforsaken global society was created by and for neurotypicals, and we're all fighting against the mold just to literally exist. Even if we're not fighting anything, but just trying to be ourselves. So, at least know that you're not alone ♡ ✋+1

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    There are doctors who have never met an autistic person without PTSD. The reason being that our entire society is not build for neurodivergent people. I’m addition, we are consistently having our needs neglected.

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