What has been the most helpful to you in managing emotional outbursts?

How do you maintain lasting connections without becoming ‘obsessed’?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Blaine


    I have yet to master this one. I think the answer is through therapy and finding grounding techniques that work for you and establishing boundaries with others

  • Dhadhu


    For emotional outbursts I can say music helps me alot! I literally have my earphones in all day everyday. However I can't do that at work or certain other situations so I have yet to find something that works in other situations. As for the lasting connections, I'm with you on that. I still have not found a way without getting obsessed and possessive.

  • SaintlyHollow


    Depends on my outburst, but I isolate until I can properly work through my thoughts without it reamping the outburst. While I'm trying to come down I watch things that occupy my mind and holds my attention. Then go through "what emotions am I feeling?" "Whats making me feel this emotion?" "Is the level I'm giving off these emotions appropriate for the reason?" "Do I need to talk to someone?" For lasting connections I say open communication and ask about boundaries. Even with friends

  • im_himbo


    For both of these questions I’ve found my best way to handle things is essentially to treat myself the way you would a child having a temper tantrum. I think having an internal dialogue where you recognize your impulses and question them gives you time to pause and that’s a lot of hard work so after the fact I’ll just take a nap instead of doing whatever reckless thing I wanted to do. It’s just training yourself to not do the stuff you wanna do cause you know you’ll be mad about it later. And that’s pretty much the only way I’ve been able to be in a consistent and loving relationship for over a year- by telling myself to be quiet and take a nap instead of being insane lolol

  • ShadowLilly


    My dog alerts me before I really lose it, so I stop whatever I'm doing, even if it's in public, go home, and use pressure therapy with my dog, and cuddle my guinea pigs. My friends and family understand that I'm going through something. When we do get together with friends, I bought a certain lawn chair, so I can still relax.

  • MacMacabre


    For me I got away from my abusers and ✨suddenly✨ I wasn’t screaming at people all the time. But no, genuinely that’s what helped me. I got the freedom to not be in survival mode. And I made lasting connections by meeting someone with a mentally I’ll family where they actually understand forgiveness in the daily life. I have an episode and I apologize and he forgives me because he knows what I go through and we talk about it at length afterwards if we want.

  • Toko


    Honestly I'd like a tip on that last one too because that shits been ruining my life since middle school 💀

  • healthybean


    i have to keep reminding myself and giving myself a life in addition to the life i share with people i'm in relationships with

  • Celexa


    Usually I spend time by myself, and listening to intense music and punch a pillow. I also use art as a way to vent. My intent is to create a safe space for my emotions to exist with harming others

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