hey yall, any of you have luck holding a job with recurring syncope? i’m about to start a new job and i’m scared i’m gonna lose it due to passing out and being so weak

Recurrent Syncope

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  • Lily_Lys


    I'm in full time training to be an RN, and even with the need for accomodations anything is fully possible if you put your mind to it :)

  • rne


    i suggest introducing yourself to your supervisors that you will be close working to. then explain your accommodations and explain your drive and desire to do well. being open will be best because then they don’t feel pressured to not violate hippa guidelines

  • Melsy


    You can FMLA from your new job and have your doctor fill it out. Your job can't say or do anything about it.

  • Nachogirl


    I have the same worry.😥

  • Bri4937


    This is why I do online school 😀

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