what can I do to stop thinking everyone hates me? All of my friends seem to be very disconnected with me but I don’t know if that’s me or them or none of it is true. It just worries me so much to the point where I want to either start crying or want to kill myself.

Social Anxiety

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  • WhyBeans


    I feel just like this right now, and it really hurts. I had a friend group in my middle school years but stuff happened at home for me and I had less time to hangout with friends, so in high school, I grew distant as they did too. Some of them would talk to me at school but for the most part, we are merely acquaintances now. I want to reconnect and make new connections but I can't help but think that most people hate me or find me annoying. I would also like to know how to feel more confident and comfortable with people. And I'm always open to talk ☆

    • Lea_Star


      I relate to the almost subconscious anxiety that most people don’t like me. I also feel detached from my friends, I’ve moved around school a lot and have yet to have a friend group that actually lasts — it deepens that feeling of inadequacy. Wishing the best for u b, I hope u find new connections and much more❤️

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