How do you cope with suicidal thoughts and nostalgia?

Dysthymia (PDD)

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  • OuchiePrincess


    Support group structure is very important. Who can you talk to when you need to talk? Who can you do something with when you don’t want to talk and need to do something bc you’re restless? Who is a good role model of yours? Who is someone who loves you? Are any of these people accessible? Surround yourself with people who care about you and will help you even when you can’t help yourself. I always feel better after talking with someone- ESPECIALLY when I really don’t want to. Talk to your friends about needing that kind of support. Real friends are more than happy to talk you down from impulsive and scary thoughts. ❤️ having a plan for de-escalation is helpful too, a box with activities for being present and grounded in the here and now- coloring pages, religious verses, mantras, list of goals, inspirational quotes, bucket list, fidget toys, stuffed animals, snacks, comfy pillow and blanket, glowy led lights- anything that makes you feel better and isn’t harmful is fair game. I know its not the same, but treat yourself like you would when you’re sick, take breaks from your to-do list (that’s probably overwhelming and making you feel guilty), watch movies, and drink tea and soup. Try really hard to be nice to yourself even though you might not feel like it (you still deserve nice things). Try to put some time and distance from your feelings- you can come back later when they’re less shouty and distressing (ie after a good break and a chat with someone). Nostalgia is a nice place to visit, but not a good place to live. Don’t compare your life to your past- there’s so much more coming to your life in the here and now- and with a plan and steps to get there, your present could be every bit as wonderful as the past you so long for. Be gentle with yourself! I’m proud of you for reaching out. I hope you find relief and peace in your journey of healing. Don’t give up! I love you!

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    Thank you

  • Emmabe


    If you ever have suicidal thoughts, Please call 1800- 273- 8255. This is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, it was my lifeline.

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