Does anyone else get welts/hives in response to pressure on the skin? They show up minutes after I get brushed or scratched, or along clothing seams, and then disappear anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour later.
It’s hard to deal with if I miss my allergy medication because they itch and burn like nobody’s business, and every time I scratch more show up.


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  • whitephantom



  • Olivie


    this happens with my lips. they seem super sensitive to pressure and will swell just from bumping them with my drink or wetting my lips.

  • bojanglesbiscuit


    Definitely clothing seams

  • Acacia


    Yes omg but i thought it was normal. Also the wrinkles in the bed, and especially if my waistband or socks are a little tight

  • Medwyn


    That happens with any contact I have with plants. If I forget my medication I make sure to stay indoors or in your case I’d stay away from whatever triggers it. I hate long sleeves and pants due to sensory reasons but with the right material I’ve found that covering myself as much as possible helps give me a barrier against my irritant

  • chxrryblxssom


    Every day

  • Ellie24


    I’ve had this before especially on my hands and feet. I find that running really cold water over my skin helps prevent the itchiness from turning into hives

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