Hey, I’m hoping to hear from other people who deal with your heart beating too fast. It happens off and on, sometimes with days or a few months between events. It almost always comes along with dizziness and lightheadedness. (Sometimes I feel dizzy or lightheaded without having my heart beat too fast, though, so there isn’t an absolute link.) I recently went to a cardiologist who ordered an EKG, an echocardiogram and some lab work, so I’m still waiting to hear about all of that. Since I’m on adderall for ADHD and a stimulant anti-depressant, the cardiologist’s theory was that those meds were causing my symptoms. Does that make sense, given the inconsistency of my symptoms? Also, if you experience periods a feeling like this, have you found anything that helps? I work from home and have a relatively flexible position, but I can barely think or write an email in a 15 minute time period when I’m feeling like this. (I’m honestly shocked and impressed that I’ve been able to write this much right now 😬) Also, does your body struggle to feel like it can support itself? Even sitting on the couch, my upper body, neck and head feel exhausted from holding themselves up.


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