I’ve always had sweaty hands, pits and feet. But what really makes it worse is my ass, this isn’t a joke, but my ass crack gets so sweaty it soaks through my pants and leaves visible stains. It’s brutal and something I’ve dealt with forever now and it’s made me hate being in social situations where I sit down for extended periods of time. I’ve come to be more confident in my sweaty handshakes but the leaking ass crack just kills my ability to socialize. Always felt like no one else experiences this and I’m alone so I’m throwing it out there.


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  • evanchiladas


    i don't sweat that much from there but it's definitely more than normal and it definitely leaves a wound in my self-image. it makes me feel disgusting, i constantly feel the need to wipe. have you tried menstrual pads? theres quite a few that are very absorbent. since i'm female it's quite easy for me to find, but i wear boxer briefs, so they don't stay in place. but it's something!

  • Kaixx


    i can definitely relate to this! when i sit i go through the same problem. it can be quite embarrassing so i avoid wearing leggings or any lightweight bottoms

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