greetings im selky! im agender and queer, i use hy/him pronouns. im autistic and im pretty sure im on the aroace spectrum too, im researching more about it though to be sure and figure out what label exactly fits me. im writing this post to try to make some more queer autistic friends, and to hopefully also get advice from fellow aroaces!

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Bluesea


    I may also be aromantic mostly because I don't really see a difference between going out somewhere with my best friend and with my boyfriend. However, I think it's easier to identify with it if one doesn't really feel much or any interest in romantic events so I'm not so sure about myself either which is why I don't really have labels besides being asexual. Maybe think about how much interest you may have or have had with romance versus how little with examples and watch YouTube videos of other people's experiences.

    • selky


      thank you for the advice!! i dont really see a difference either, i tended to see past romantic partners as best friends i wanted to kiss? ive been researching and comparing to others experiences, and i think i might start to try to find more autistic aro people to see how my situation compares to theirs since i feel like me being autistic had some to do with my demisexuality/asexuality so maybe itll be similar with me possibly being aromantic, since i feel like my queerness and my autism are linked in alot of ways like how my gender (or lack of gender) and autism are very linked.

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