I feel so..isolated from everyone my age. I’m in college, and even ppl with major depression, adhd, agoraphobia, etc seem to still have a social life and actually go out & off campus. I’m terrified of public transportation and getting lost (I usually only am able to go if I’m with a friend or I know the route very well). Idk it’s just hard bc ppl will be talking plan events and not invite me even though they said we were friends. I only had 2 true friends in highschool, so I wasn’t expecting to make a lot in college but I’m in my sophomore year already and it’s getting ridiculous at this point. Ppl already have boyfriends at a college for only women…why am I so socially challenged? I know the only way to fix this is to go outside more often but I work and go to school it’s hard just having small talk etc. ppl will be like “well that turned dark” I didn’t mean to be negative😅 I met someone who is also neurodivergent and gets my humor but idk it’s just been hard

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  • 100p


    This is exactly how i feel as well. what works for me is to think that comparing myself to others is pointless and ineffective. If it were effective, i would tell you to worry about others’ social life but its really pointless and will only make you feel worse

    • IceCup


      it’s so hard not to compare though😭

      • 100p


        yes 100% its hard! I still compare msyelf to others but try to limit that and acknowledge this is not healthy! I hope you can work through it and yes its hard

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