I moved out of my grandparents house… bc I was being treated like a child… and not being fed at all and had no way of driving bc no one would teach me, etc. I moved into my best friend’s house… and as soon as I’m done packing and get my stuff together. She tells me that her mom was fired from her job and her boyfriend quit his job bc he didn’t want to pay her bills. I knew at that moment… I was screwed bc I was told that once I moved out.. I can never come back by both my parents and grandparents. I just wish they told me before…
I went into that house with $500 in my bank account… and now I only have $5… and we’re starving. My job only pays $10 an hour, but it’s the only job that wanted me. What do I do??? I’m trying to get my friend a job at my work, but my manager “forgot” to call her back.

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    Have your friend call the store or place of business to talk to the manager. I was quite persistent about a job that I wanted. Minimum wage or so, retail- back in 2018. There was some issue with getting a previous employer to release me to work for the other company. They both were under the same general company but different brands. It finally happened after a few weeks. I still work for the brand just in a new state. Sometimes a person has to show interest. I have worked for the brand since 2018 and several people have applied most got interviews but didn’t show up. And usually all they had to do was show up for the interview they would have gotten the job.

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