I feel so alone. The one person in my life that understood me is gone. My friends are never there and they don’t get it. My family thinks I’m crazy. I just want to be happy. I wish I could feel normal for just one day because living like this all of the time is so hard. I hate being bipolar because I can’t even understand myself so how can I expect other people to? I just want to be normal just for a little while to have a break from this. I’m so exhausted constantly fighting my mind.

Bipolar 2 disorder

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)


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  • Nibblz


    There is no 'nornal' hun...Normal is a social construct made to help people who don't want to understand mental health gaslight people into thinking there's something fundamentally wrong with them. In truth you are who you are and your battle scars that you worry aren't normal double as character development, it makes you more understanding and empathetic towards others in similar positions. In my experience you don't have to please others or be 'normal' in their eyes in order to be happy, your first step is realising that they don't see or understand the whole picture so how could they judge you correctly 💜

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