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  • Tokyo


    I was diagnosed 8 years ago after a few months with diarrhea and blood. I had a colonoscopy and I was diagnosed a few weeks later

  • s.jco


    I was diagnosed in June and my Crohn’s is vvv aggressive. Pretty much destroyed my body in a matter of weeks. Fistulas, abscesses, surgeries, hospital stays, 4 months w/o solid food.😅 but thankfully all is well atm and I’m starting to get out and about. I also currently have an ileostomy that’ll hopefully be reversed before the summer. This one relapse will ultimately take away a whole year of my life. And I’m still trying to process the whole “chronic incurable” aspect of it all

  • wish_i_was_debonair


    I was diagnosed at 11 after years of crippling pain, I tried every medication in the book and finally found one that worked called remicade however three infusions in I had a severe allergic reaction, after that I tried humera but couldn’t do the injections due to severe anxiety. I then got in a trial for a now FDA approved drug called entyvio! I have been in remission for two years, but now experience pain and inflammation in other areas that are not covered by my medication. I was diagnosed super young so I never had anyone my age who understood me, I am happy to talk with anyone about this further💕

  • Chucky62


    Ive had my ileostomy for over 40 years,it has been a blessing and a curse

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