I struggle a lot getting out of bed in the morning but it’s especially bad when it’s cloudy and raining. I just want to stay in my blanket burrito with my cat all day. Who’s with me?


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  • darkishweb


    I felt that so hard lol. The one thing preventing it is my cat's choice to wreck my room for attention

    • Dillybop


      My cat will run up and down my bed, sit on my head and lick my hair until I feed her 😂

    • HannahL


      hahaha my babies will get on my nightstand right by my head and meow and meow until I feed them 😂

  • Randa


    Me everyday I have 2 cats and a little dog and bed is favorite place to be!

  • xlovelyx


    Yes! My bed is my happy place 💕

  • NEW


    It has been really hard. Like I would be on my phone in bed and in the morning my cat will get in my face and try to get me out of bed and start biting the phone or pull the phone away from me.

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