What are your activation tips?

My therapist and I agreed that I have a pattern of not ‘activating’ myself. I plan a date, I can’t get it started. I plan a study session, I can’t get it started. Etc.

I mean, when there’s a lot of external pressure I can get stuff done, sometimes, but it’s really frustrating when I want to get something done for _me_ (like progressing through college) and I just…don’t.

Luckily I’ve been doing these non-zero days, and that’s been great. And a point system. Anytime I do even the smallest task to get something started or make progress on something, I get a few points (which I can spend on favors with my boyfriend. Like he’ll do laundry if I get 10 points).

This has helped, but I still can’t for the life of me get things going. Or to finish things.

Do you have any tips for me?


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  • SavvyDisnerd


    Having trouble starting tasks can also be a component of executive dysfunction. I know how hard it can be because it’s a huge part of my ADHD. Have you been evaluated for ADHD?

    • 4byfour


      I have considered it, but I just don’t have enough symptoms :/ I do agree it’s probably something related though!!!

      • SavvyDisnerd


        executive dysfunction is definitely not exclusive to adhd either! However since it is a big part of adhd, the adhd community has some really good resources for working through it. For tasks like studying, it can be really helpful for me to have a body double in the room who is also working on their task. Just their presence helps me get started and stay focused. It’s why I study almost exclusively in coffee shops 😂 I’ve spent the past few years stumbling my way through the exact same challenges, feel free to message if you want to talk about it more!

  • 4byfour


    Self note: alone time is crucial. People drain me.

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