I’ve been adding sodium to my diet to manage pots symptoms. What creative ways do you like to add sodium to your diet?

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Scarlet9904


    Before my food allergies were found corn chips were a go to for salt some brands are like so salty that it's like a salt stick lol currently with my food allergies I salt my steak so much that you taste more salt then anything else to get it in but I've heard salt tabs are a fast sub if you don't have allergies to any ingredients

  • JoshAron


    I’ve been adding half tsp salt to my eggs twice a day. Then salt on salt in my soups. Liquid IV 3+ per day. I eat pink rock salt periodically too.



    LiquidIV = [ LEMON GINGER ELECTROLYTE ] 2C - Mineral / Sparkling water ¼tsp Pink Himalayan Salt 1-2T Honey/Maple 2T Lemon Jus 2" ginger, grated/squeeze the jus [ MINT - LIME ] 1½C - Sparkling Water ½C - Ice ¼tsp - Pink Himalayan Salt ¼x - Lime Zest (muddle with salt) 10-12 - Mint leaves [ ORANGE ] 1¼C - Water ½C - OJ ¼tsp - Pink Salt To taste - sweetener

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