Do you eat before you take Lithium? If so, what do you usually eat/how much?

I’ve been on Lithium for a while now, and my doctor has gradually had to increase my dose over the years. I take it at night (like 9 pm ish) because it makes me tired, and I have always eaten something small, usually a granola bar, with it to avoid getting sick.

I (relatively) recently have gotten increased to 900 mg a day, and I take it all at night. A granola bar just isn’t cutting it anymore, I’m still getting really nauseous after I take it.

I don’t really know what else to eat before taking it though, or how much? I don’t want to eat a whole meal before going to bed you know?

I know I probably just need to play around with it and eat different things. I was just curious what works for other people.



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  • Aaronb03


    I haven't had this experience, but would it work to take it at dinner? Or would that make you too sleepy?

    • dinky23


      It makes me sleepy :/ But honestly I might try it anyways!! It might not be as bad as I’m expecting

      • Aaronb03


        I know that there's some foods that tend to keep you up more than others, if you can't take it at dinner maybe look into that?

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