Are there any alternative treatments other than just taking meds that help?


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  • em_Jay


    That completely depends on what is going on and what you are taking those specific meds for.

  • Or


    Therapy is great and you can look at all other sorts of things. I don’t think you can get away without meds. Not only do I believe it would be very dangerous but I know I could not live with what I deal with while unmedicated. I fully believe your best quality of life will need medication. I don’t know what you’re dealing with with it but it’s worth it to find what works.

  • Kermit143


    Medication is the most effective treatment after many years of advancement. Sometimes you have to work with your doctor to find a good dosage and type of medication to help manage side effects but medication will help the symptoms best of anything. You can do many things on top of medication to help, therapy, support group, meditate, deep breathing, nature walk, make art, chat with friends, many things. But medication is baseline

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