Does anyone else get so extremely moody and irritable when approaching their period. It’s very bad for me, snapping at people I love, sobbing uncontrollably randomly, not able to really function at work

Attention-Deficit Disorder

Irritability and Anger

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  • sharkattack101


    I actually do! A few days before I start I experience this huge spurt of annoyance/anger at the littlest things and I can’t get over it. The day right before I’m horribly emotional and cry at every little thing. I really struggle at work during those days. I’ve learned to just try to remind myself that those emotions are based on hormones and as silly as it sounds- sometimes it helps me keep a grip!

  • Aline


    I try to do that but sometimes it makes me even more irrationally angry because I should be able to deal with it and I just can’t

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