Do you guys ever get just random panic attacks? It’s been happening a lot recently. It’s not bad, my heart just beats super fast and i can’t breathe. I don’t know what’s causing it but i used to have bad panic attacks when i was a bit younger.. but i’m kinda clueless what causes random panic attacks for no reason??

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  • Option_Unavailable


    I get them sometimes, I don't know what causes them either tho

  • Ghost2005


    I do, and they SUCK they’re so deadly and sudden. :,)

    • Cvprisun


      finally someone who gets it!!

  • v.nessa2708


    That's what many of my texts feel like and people always say the wrong thing and ask me what happened and what's wrong and it just frustrates me because I don't have an answer for them. They're also very persistent with the question and they won't stop asking until I break down into tears

  • SailorSpaghetti


    Oh yeah. That's basically why my doctor put me on Clonazepam even though the antidepressants significantly reduced them. A lot of my panic attacks are idiopathic and having the PRN helps even if I decide not to take it that time (benzos are known to become less effective if you take them too frequently so when I get a panic attack I have to assess whether or not I think I need it or if I think I can wait it out). Having that control has helped me a lot.

  • Elytra


    If there's no trigger and you don't actually feel panicked (like you're only having the physical symptoms of a panic attack) there's also a chance it could be a heart condition called POTS syndrome. I get the physical symptoms of a panic attack randomly without any actual emotional distress

    • Cvprisun


      my family does have heart problems.. thanks for mentioning this! i’m gonna have to mention it!

  • SydDemM


    Mine are random too. Sometimes it hits during work and it's embarrassing

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