I have frequent heart flutters (palpitations) and it comes from a non life threatening heart condition, it is not stated bc I couldn’t find it but i also have a fear of eating.

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Atrial flutter

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Chronic or Recurrent Palpitations

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  • Modern


    I used to get heart palpitations but my nutritionist told me to eat a balanced diet with carbs. Not eating can hurt your brain! It’s not worth the weakness!

  • strawbby


    i used to fear eating too/still do but you gotra lol

  • GabriellaLuvsU


    I am the absolute same way I’m so scared to eat because I feel like I can’t breath so I get anxiety. My body becomes numb and my face because numb. I get so scared but I force myself to do it anyways because I know if I don’t, the people I love will worry about me more than they already do.

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