Recently i’ve been telling my so it stresses me out when they ask me questions right after i wake up/before my coffee. This never was an issue for me but it is now… and they keep “accidentally” asking me things like “do you want to still stay on call?” and it just had a meltdown a second ago because they asked me a Q the first time i woke and i slept again and woke again and boom another one.

I feel bad because he got mad at me and said he just wont talk at all and be on the Mute button. So thats what fed into my meltdown because my LL is words of affirmation so.

I’m just venting but is it okay that i just have these random spurts of needs? I’ve been stressed for weeks and i just feel burnout coming close and im trying to stay away from burnout. Perhaps i have to stop these morning calls with my so too?

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  • Jay55


    It sounds to me like the stress and burnout from whatever else is going on in your life is probably what led to this new stressor. It’s perfectly okay to have random spurts of needs, but how you communicate these needs and identifying where they came from is important. I would communicate to your SO that the outbursts are likely connected to whatever else is going on in your life. Putting a pause on the morning calls might be a temporary fix but real change won’t happen unless you find additional ways to give yourself rest or stress relief. Whatever’s going on in your life I hope you’re able to stay strong ❤️ know that you’re loved and deserving of any rest you need to take

  • kittenintheyarn


    It's ok to have needs but it sounds like you're ALREADY in stress and burnout so something needs to change. It sounds like you may need to apologize to your SO. You can't be in a relationship and still jump down their throat just because they spoke to you... MY husband and I have also had similar fights with each of us being the one in the wrong at different times. It may be you need to get up early enough to have quiet time before dealing with your SO or you may need to quit coffee so your not angry in that early morning caffeine withdrawal.

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