Recently diagnosed with PMDD. Any tips on managing it? 🤔

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

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  • Aimless


    Be kind and patient with yourself. Track your symptoms and cycle like its a new religion. I personally use Femometer because tracking my bbt has helped me more accurately track. There's an app called pmdd vs me that alot of women use as well. Clue is another one. Try a couple and find one that fits you. Most of those tracking apps have alarms or warnings you can set up to give you a couple days heads up for ovulation and your period. There are different types or subcategories of pmdd that differ based on the timing of your symptoms. I personally get symptoms from ovulation (around cycle day 14) until about day 3 or 4 of my period. The only week I don't get symptoms is the week after my period. Some women only have symptoms the week before their period with instant relief with onset of their bleed. Some women suffer 3 weeks of hell. All of us (in my experience) suffer from not just symptoms, but ignorant, inconsiderate people as well. Be stingy with your time and energy. Remember to prioritize selfcare. Say no to people. Have someone you can trust and confide in that does not condemn your crazy. Limit your exposure to negativity if you can. I know everybody's experience with pmdd is different but the more we support each other, the less power pmdd has over us. I believe these hormones that make us feel crazy can be utilized as a superpower if we want. And all that aside, I rely on zoloft. Heavily. Sending you positivity, love, and superpowers my friend. Feel free to message me anytime.

    • Rapunzel331


      Wow, thank you so much for such a kind response! I’m new to this and don’t know what to do with all these emotions on top of my anxiety and depression! 🙈 I will definitely try one of those apps, and luckily I have my lovely husband who gets to deal with my crazy! Lol. Thank you so much, friend. 💕

  • bptomboy


    Im newly diagnosed as well and might be told to go on an ssri via my psych doc. Kinda scared to have to implimemt anither wild ride into my already pretty stable-unstable situation. I have bipolar disorder and pmdd

    • Hazzard


      I also suffer from both, PMDD and bipolar type 2. I am trying Nexplanon birth control to see if it will help with the PMDD symptoms and I was told that it should, along with not messing with the bipolar. I hope this helps and you just have to talk with your OBGYN doctor about it and hopefully they can help you get an understanding of options like this if you are interested in this method.

  • Aimless


    There is an app called Balance for meditation that I highly recommend. It personalizes the meditation to you, and the first year is free (although they do accept donations of your choice amount, if you are so inclined). I use to have difficulty meditating with any real intention. That app helps me recognize and cope with all the crazy thoughts and feelings when I am overwhelmed. The trick for me was to get decent at meditating BEFORE I was in an impulsive tornado flare up of thoughts and emotions I could barely recognize. Starting only when I was in a bad mental place didn't give my rattled mind any foundation to cling to. But this is just one drop of experience in the ocean of sufferers. It's not garenteed for everyone. :) I'm glad to hear you have some support from your husband @rapunzel331. Having someone to be your rock is incredibly helpful. I'm always open to lend an ear for a fellow warrior. :D

  • Kennadog3


    There is an app called Me vs. PMDD and it helps you track all your symptoms! Also I read that vitamin E and B6 help with PMS, so I imagine that helps a little bit with PMDD!

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