I'm Bipolar 1... I struggle being alone and I will cling to a person and become very jealous very easily and i can get angry over small things. is this normal?? afterwards i tend to feel extremely guilty and apologise profusely:(

Bipolar Disorder

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  • dex


    i do this /-\ i usually tend to cling to my partner

  • bassetthound


    yes! i want to talk to a therapist abt bpd, because this seems not very?? bipolar-like, but at the same time i wanted to ask if it was normal or not

  • esh


    You could definitely have BP and BPD! I have both but I have BP 2. There’s a lot of overlap so sometimes diagnosis get missed

  • SapleMyrup


    I’m bp1 and I’m like this too. honestly, it feels like something completely independent of my bp1 because i got my bp1 diagnosis after an episode of psychosis. it also seems like fairly common misdiagnosis so you should definitely talk to your therapist because the treatment for bpd is very different from what i hear.

  • AvocadoToast


    Hi :) am also bipolar and have had similar relationship issues, and still do. It’s important to keep an open conversation with your partner!! Communication is key! I tend to overthink and spiral over the little things that aren’t actually a red flag.. I am a very jealous type and terrified of my partner being unfaithful etc. but in reality it’s all in my head. I have also asked my doctor about Borderline Personality Disorder since the two can be closely misdiagnosed!! I would recommend talking with yours as well and just having an open conversation about it!! My doctor actually settled it by describing to me that people suffering from Borderline don’t typically have much self reflection in the moment and can’t typically realize that they’re doing something they normally wouldn’t if that makes sense…

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