Thoughts on Effexor? What to expect and look out for ? How did it work for you ??



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  • Valondra


    It was great for about 5 years at 150 mg. A year ago I suffered a major depressive episode and my gp bumped to 300 mg and insisted I see a psychiatrist because that's the highest dose she could prescribe.

  • Anxious


    See I don’t have depression the only time I do is mostly when anxiety is bad and I can’t do ANYTHING and I feel my lowest about everything but also antidepressants that I’ve taken have all made it worst but as soon as I get Ativan it’s like the sun shines again and my anxiety is at bay for the most part

  • Valondra


    I take hydroxizine for anxiety and therapy. A therapist can teach you behaviors to help you through high anxiety times.

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