Any tips for pain management? NSAIDS don’t work thst great for me and hurt my stomach, but that’s all my doctor will give me 😕


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  • goblin49


    There is this joint/collagen supplement my rheumatologist suggested to me called Dona. I just buy it off of Amazon, and for me I feel like it has helped so much with my joint pain. Definitely worth a try! (I even take half the normal dosage, so just one pill a day)

  • wise


    if you can, try to get in to see a pain management specialist. otherwise, ice/heat packs can help with acute pain and lidocaine (creams or patches) can help with the chronic stuff. you should be able to take acetaminophen, it's an NSAID but your body doesn't metabolize it the same way as other NSAIDs. it should be gentle enough on your stomach and it may help if you're having muscle aches

  • MissLucy_101719


    I find that as simple as it is, compression sleeves and socks are helpful. Strengthening has also helped me a bit.

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