anyone else have a habit of unintentionally holding grudges? it’s a big issue i face and im curious if anyone else struggles with it

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  • dogdad


    I still have some grudges I've been holding onto for 8 years, I haven't even seen those people in 5 years. But I've been trying hard not to start new grudges. It's ultimately a bigger effort for you to hold a grudge than it is for who you're holding it against

  • Vixly


    Yup and a lot. If someone does something little I’ll usually say it’s fine and sit on it or if it’s big I may never move on. I know people in high school I was best friends with who I refuse to talk to now. I’ve found that for me a lot of times these grudges hold for people that aren’t great for me. The more grudges I have the less I tolerate the person and eventually just move on.

  • charleigh


    Yeah I've been holding for 2 years

  • Soskae


    I definitely get that and I find myself avoiding someone or getting annoyed with them quickly then after a bit I realize it’s usually a grudge over something I didn’t remember consciously. Because it’s not a conscious plight that weighs on my mind I usually forgive them for it and I’m not angry anymore.

  • WendyGoLucky


    Oo I am SO PETTY!!!! I hold on to every figurative receipt to justify all my grudges!! And I honestly stopped trying to “be better” about it. I know how I am, and I know eventually I’ll forget about it so I just let myself enjoy the pettiness! 🤣

  • jaydisen


    i do, it honestly sucks. i've had grudges from middle school to high school. i'm still working on it and one thing that's helped is actually journaling these thoughts/grudges, reading them over, and seeing if they even apply or help me at all within my daily life. i've been able to realize that many of my grudges don't even hold the same significance as they once did. kind of helped me move on from them because they don't serve me anymore!

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