Wondering if anyone else has anything like this? My doctor says it’s because I’m tall and my brain doesn’t realize it, but I’m not sure. I get dizzy sometimes while doing small things like working, or standing up. I also randomly get spells of nausea and lightheadedness where I only want to lay down. I also get very pale and only want sleep. Lastly, I always get a headache with it. Anyone else?




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  • Lunarr


    I agree with WooZoo here, unfortunately those symptoms are found in a lot of things. Have you had your iron levels checked? It could be iron deficiency anemia. I would stress to your doctor that the symptoms are unusual and interfere with your life. Push further and ask what they think it could be other than your height (which tbh I've never heard and sounds kind of strange for an explanation). You have to be your own advocate - if something doesn't feel right then keep looking and asking until you find an answer!

    • Lunarr


      Oh, I see you do have anemia! That very well could be causing your symptoms

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