How do I gain the energy to get myself out of bed in the morning?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Samantha99


    Give yourself something comforting each morn. Like an iced coffee, hot breakfast, or a bath, so you feel more like getting out of bed.

  • hoppingspark12


    Lay in bed and find some motivational quotes or watch something that motives you on YouTube

  • shasta


    i usually give myself a treat every day. like, do something that makes you excited and happy. for me, it’s a special food

  • Little_Puppy


    I use a treat or important song. I love getting iced coffee in the morning. If I really need some help I listen to my hype music playlist

  • bumble.bee


    i still haven’t found the perfect thing to make me want to leave my bed, and i’m not sure there’s a such thing, but i try to think of at least one thing that’s exciting for that day to help me feel more awake and ready to get up. this, and giving myself extra time to open my eyes and feel awake before i actually have to start getting ready.

  • itsarigrace


    Okay, this can be expensive, but on days where I can't find the motivation, I splurge on doordashing something really good for breakfast, like chocolate chip pancakes and stuff. Then, I get to stay in bed 30-40 mins, but when the food arrives I have to get up to go get it! Then I get to start the day with a treat, and I've at least moved from my bed

  • cat_cat7246


    Give yourself something to look forward to! I used to do this when I was I'm school. Having ice cream or something sweet in the house to eat after doing something hard. It can be as hard as taking a shower or small things. But still needs a reward because you did something instead of nothing

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