Does anyone have auras with pseudoseizures? And is there any treatment out there that works?


Psychogenic non epileptic seizure

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  • MissWilwarin


    I have auras with my non-epileptic seizures. What’s helped me with my seizures is dealing with my trauma.

    • Rtdawg1


      do you have them randomly through the day that don't trigger an actual episode?

      • MissWilwarin


        my non-epileptic seizures are triggered by stress, in a broad sense. Like being a loud or crowded environment, sudden noises or being surprised by something/one I wasn’t expecting. And because of this, if I’m able to distract myself from the stress, then even if I feel an aura, I can prevent a seizure from happening.

    • FireGal44


      what are “auras”? I too experience NES. Started 6 months after 2 head injuries within 2 months of each other. Also brought extreme CNS nerve burning pain and extreme fatigue for almost a year😞. I too have been working through trauma and emotions and it has helped a lot! Went from daily seizures to 1-2 every month! 🙏. I know they are connected to stress ie… hormonal, physical, emotional, mental environmental etc. I’m sorry others are dealing with this but so grateful to know I’m not alone 🙏

  • Celine


    I have pseudo-seizures as well. I take Carbamazepine for them and I’ve been seizure-free for a year. Also, easier said than done but REDUCE YOUR STRESS LEVELS HUN!! Pseudo-seizures can be stress induced, so you’ve got to find a way to relax. 🤗 HUGS!

  • JamiRich2020


    Yes. I had to go see a therapist to deal with my domestic abuse to get over it. I can't remember the last time I had one.

  • Shortchic90


    I get dizzy before a seizure

  • katieliz


    I’m still in the diagnosis process of ruling out epilepsy, but I do experience a change in my vision sometimes before, everything seems muted and far away and i get like a wavy aura over everything

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