Ladies. I have an intergenerational female ADHD success story for you. I apologize in advance for the rant, but I feel like these real-life success stories for us ADHD gals are rare and need to be shared.

Women in my life who had/have ADHD:
- My mom’s mom (deceased, suggested)
- My mom (self-diagnosed for decades, coffee is her medicine)
- Her sister (suggested, deceased)
- My aunt’s teen daughter (self-diagnosed)
- Me, diagnosed and treated with meds

All of us have/had symptoms of the combined type. And all of us have/had happy and fulfilling lives because of it.

My grandma was a well-loved, successful real estate agent who hated cooking and couldn’t sing for her life but was a respected actress in college theatre (I think that was her degree).

My aunt was a happy adjunctive professor for many years, had a masters degree in engineering, some sort of PhD.

My mom has a masters in biochemical engineering and is a successful and happy project manager for a biopharma company (a role in the industry she’s had for many, many years).

My teen cousin is in an honors program, was one of the few in her year to be invited to take the SAT during the pandemic and got a high enough score to apply to Ivy’s (already recruited for a local community college scholarship), and is the captain of the girl’s wrestling team at her school.

And me? I’ve had a rough year because of my neurodivergence, had to leave my Masters in Social Work program, and am still finding my way. But I have a Bachelors in social work with a minor in psychology, gosh darn it. And have a wonderful boyfriend of almost two years. I have a rich life with plenty of support from family and friends. And I attribute that to having a mother who taught me how to manage my ADHD before I had processed I had it or that she did, and all of my support in general.

I attribute all of our success to the energy, drive, bubbly-ness, problem-solving, and stubbornness that it takes to be a woman with ADHD in this world.

Feel free to share your own success stories below. Let’s celebrate us.

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  • EnergizerBunny


    That's great! Thanks for sharing! Personally, I love my ADHD. These days, I take comfort that it's what makes me unique. I have perspectives that others can't bring to the table. Despite having moments where my brain can go all over the place, I milk my hyper focused self as much as I can when I have moments to do so. I figured I'll work hard and play hard at the same time too. Sometimes it's untimely but I gave up trying to keep feeling guilty about it. It is what it is. Honestly, I have so much fun figuring out how to live with ADHD. Growing up my parents always told me I'm weird. I was self-conscious about it so I didn't talk to anyone since back then it's also taboo. Then in hindsight, it's no wonder I can complete things 4x faster than someone else. My brain can absorb and go through information so fast and think fast. But I need moments to recharge and if I kept trying to push, my brain goes all over the place. Im working on my MBA in marketing, have 2 bachelors degree in computer science and marketing, and a AA in art. First half of my career, I was a programmer and software engineer. Eventually, I became a full-stacked developer and got bored after a few years. So, I switched to marketing and restarted my career from scratch. These days, I've been having fun working a full-time job, training for Ironman 70.3, acing my MBA, and somehow still have a great social life. My hubby and I have fun living our life together and growing. I didn't have anyone to help me with my ADHD but I turned alright :) If anything, it helped me realize how much fun I'm having harnessing my ADHD into something that benefits me instead of being a victim of it.

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