Hii there! So as we all know Aplastic Anemia is a hell of a disease and i’m just curious as to what your story is with it? I would love to exchange stories :) Also I would like to say you are incredibly strong for living with/through this disease!!


Aplastic Anemia

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  • Drea7


    Hello! I was diagnosed with aplastic anemia at the age of 5, with no known cause. I’m now 39. I was in the hospital for an entire year and received total body radiation, chemotherapy and 3 bone marrow transplants. My first two transplants didn’t take but luckily the third one which was given by my sister, did. After treatment, I have never had anymore issues with aplastic anemia, however there are long term effects that I am dealing with due to the total body radiation. My blood labs also tend to run a little lower than normal because of my history. I want to say that you are a strong soul as well! I would love to hear your story 😊

  • Anna73


    I had AML cancer did chemo I had congested heart failure thank good turn around also have fatty live spots on left lung due chemo to all risk do chemo I ask God guide me always

    • Azyul


      I'm currently struggling with aml, I'm sorry to hear you had complications afterwards. Stay strong!

  • Anna73


    You as well stay strong you will get through this stay postive and focus God has you

  • ChickenDumpling


    I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia at age 22 and am now 23. Received one bone marrow transplant in February and it took and my recovery has gone smooth ever since

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