Do you have made up characters in day dreams or real people? Just curious 🙂

I don’t really “make believe” my characters. People in my daydreams are usually people I know. The best way to explain it is; I daydream the people I wish I could talk to the most, and have full on, emotional, hour long “ talks” with them. I believe this stemmed from much childhood emotional neglect from my parents. I was never able to talk about my painful feelings to them as they would either, get angry, dismiss me, or get offended; one of there favorite sayings was “if your going to cry, go do it in your room.”
Also curious if anyone has a similar story?

Maladaptive Daydreaming

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  • Zedgirl


    Ps : sorry for the little rant 😅

  • MJ4E


    The people in my day dreams are either people I know or characters from movies and or celebrities

  • Cuckoo_Clock


    Mine consists of made up characters

  • Tired247


    The character I am is an OC. The other characters are a mix of OCs or video game/movie characters. Basically all fiction tbh.

  • Oarfish


    yup! I used to daydream about real people I knew, but now a days it's mainly fictional characters or sometimes YouTubers

  • agddmndnrd


    Both I have lots of fictional characters but I also have friends (and sometimes my therapist😅) that I spend time imagining talking to

  • woodworm


    the characters in mine are usually characters in whatever media I'm into at the time, don't think I've ever made my own up before. too much work

  • agddmndnrd


    I do a mix of both characters and real people

  • ItsJustARide


    Mine are usually people in my real life or from movies/tv/youtube that I watch a lot. They're usually either people I have a crush on, people I want to 'impress', or even people I dont like. They tend to be people that inspire some type of emotion that triggers daydreaming. Maybe even people I feel inadequate next to/intimidated by. The traits I give myself in my daydreams completly change depending on who I'm thinking about (if they're a singer then I'm a singer, if they're athletic then I'm athletic etc). I used to make up characters more so when I was younger but I still have a couple of 'worlds' with made up people, they just don't play huge roles. In those worlds its more about me.

  • zellian


    I daydream about simaler things with the people i wanna know yeah. Though i rarely rarely RARELY daydream about YouTubers

  • Erythiia


    Mine are usually characters from games I like, and when I daydream I'm usually looking at them from as if I'm watching a movie about them

  • bellacourse


    Hello! Mine are both fictional characters and people I know/associated with in the past. I have full on conversations with people that don't exist/aren't there 😅

  • Livingasazebra


    Real ppl but modified to the storyline. It’s BTS basically

  • Miss_Construed


    Mine are real people

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