i've been having a really hard time managing my money due to my high impulsiveness. being hypomanic isn't helping either! i recently had to quit my job due to the bipolar flaring up. i'm starting free therapy through my insurance but i don't know when i can start working again. i have maybe $60 saved which my friend is holding for me... 50 of which i owe to my credit card later this month... and i blew through $1000 in september without even realizing! i only pay for my own groceries currently but i have to get an apartment by january ... and i keep buying stupid shit i dont even want a few hours later (in person or online) :( does anyone have any tips how to manage my money better? or some assistance i can try to get? thanks :)

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  • zombettie


    Hey, I also have money problems. I recommend downloading Every Dollar, it's an app that helps with budgeting. It really helped me look at my spending habits.... similar to getting diagnosed with something, it was like being able to see what I'm dealing with made it way easier to work on. I know this necessarily doesn't help the compulsion to spend, but it really does in a roundabout way.

    • wibble


      thanks:) i use buddy but i stopped logging because of shame :((

  • Nicole8670


    I used to do the same thing. Now I like to make wish list on the things I want to buy and save it for days like bdays or Christmas for when people ask what I want and I give it to them or when I'm haveing an overwhelming urge I take $5-$10 in cash nothing else to the dollar store so then I have a limit that I can not over go and I still might get the other things I want on special occasions from others. I don't know if this will work for you but I thought I would let you know. I'm sorry.

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