due to my depression & ed, my libido has been very low.

my partner is very hypersexual due to bipolar & trauma. we have sex a few times a week, but i never really enjoy it due to my low sex drive. when i say no, it damages our relationship b/c we end up not being intimate for months. i've gained a lot of weight to try to help, but my depression is the biggest factor.

do you have any suggestions for how to bring my libido back? :(


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  • TheGhost


    I hate the same problem. We went for 6 months without anything, and still don't do it very much. But I have found romantic date nights without expectations help. Drinks. Dinner. A movie and a fuzzy blanket. Then it might come naturally after a few times

  • Wheezy_dustmite


    I found the more often I took care of myself sexually the more sex I wanted to have. During really bad depressive episodes we had to make sure I felt very loved.

  • Brookevc


    i see that you’re on antidepressants, so that doesn’t really help libido, but i swing from hypersexual to zero libido at all. i see the more social i am the more sexual i am as well. or finding little turn ons and thinking of them a little more that can rev it up a little bit. and i feel like talking to your partner about this can help too, you both need to work together to help each other. they can try to hold off a little, while you can work on finding ways to help your libido.

  • Daisyj


    If you aren’t comfortable with having sex, then don’t have sex. If this person wants to have sex, and won’t give it up, move on. You deserve to be comfortable. If this is a problem that you want to fix, then you could see a doctor, and I think that they can help.

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