This year in March I would have been 2 years clean of cutting and last night I relapsed and I feel horrible and like a failure and I don’t know what to do

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  • NovaSimplyGoated


    Wow 2 years….I couldn’t make it past 7 months.That’s a big accomplishment,don’t take this relapse and let it bring you down today I am 10 days clean,I have a found a new coping method where instead of covering my arm in cuts I cover it in drawing I grabbed a marker instead of a blade and I used that.It was actually pretty calming I hope this helped I’m not very good with advice but if you ever need someone to talk to you can message me

  • TheDreamingKind


    Just because you have relapsed, doesn't erase all the progress you've made.

  • Crimson_ivy2006


    When I first was clean im put glue on my wrist where I cut and let them dry and pulled them off I also put a rubber band on my wrist and pulled it when I felt the need if that helps you also I’m here if you need anything I know how hard it is and I mean the feeling still before my relapse still crossed my mind

  • Gizmogrey


    Trust me, relapses happen & you cannot beat yourself up over it. That’s the important thing. Don’t sit there & be mad that you relapsed. I’m not personally a cutter, but I’m a picker. I literally find one tiny mark on my body & my depression, OCD & anxiety kick in & I’ll pick until I’m bleeding & sore. It just makes me feel better. I wish I knew why, but it does. I’ve tried to stop doing it for years now & can’t seem to stop, no matter what I do. So please, don’t let your relapse upset you. Just acknowledge it happened & try again. Hugs.

  • Mafuyu


    You are most certainly NOT a failure! 2 years is a huge accomplishment and you should be very proud of your progress. Please remember that you are human just like the rest of us on this planet; you aren’t perfect and you’re not meant to be. It’s okay to fall back sometimes, it’s okay to make mistakes. You are an amazing person and you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back for going without it for so long. You are strong. ❤️

  • MacAndCheese


    A relapse doesn’t reverse the progress you’ve made. Recovery is never a easy road and there are always going to be bumps. Take a breathe and think about the big picture—this one moment doesn’t define you any more than all the days you didn’t cut.

  • Majorbitvh


    Hey. What happened last night is in the past. Just focus on the future now. We’re all here for you sweetheart❤️‍🔥

  • KREEkree


    I say this a lot to people, but to me, it's not the falling down that determines how you are as a person, but it's the getting up that determines it. Getting up from a relapse and choosing to go on is the bravest thing you can possibly do when you relapse.

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