I’m pretty concerned that I have HIV. What were your first if any opportunistic infections?
I have two OraQuick tests coming in the mail. My partner is aware of my concerns and my history (which is extensive and was risky)
My friends have raised concerns that I have been sick a little too often. I have had issues with swollen lymph nodes constantly. Recurring canidida, HSV1 breaking out on odd parts of my body every other week it seems. I caught Covid, then the flu, then bronchitis back to back then pneumonia. I had to take steroids for that for practically three months straight and my skin and body had other issues from being on immune suppressors. I heal very very slowly when wounded. I’ve gotten staph and cellulitis a couple times the past few years. I’m always throwing up due to GERD, but it seems I’m also sick sometimes too with stomach bugs or otherwise. I haven’t ruled out a PCOS issue but I’m concerned these could be opportunistic as I slept with a lot of people. My lymph nodes are swollen again only on one side to the point I can’t even sleep.

Just want to know I’m not crazy. At this point knowing why I’m sick would bring some relief. Some. Key word. I obviously don’t want to have it I just want to know why I’m like this.


Esophagitis-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Cellulitis & Abscess

Maladaptive Daydreaming

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

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  • DoctorStrangeS1mp


    I haven’t been tested since 2016 and in 2016 I wouldn’t have had the virus long enough so from the window of 2016-2020 I suppose I slept with 30 strangers? That I remember. I don’t remember much. I had a lot of mental issues going on at the time. So I may be in year 3, or even year 6.

  • Sunninurse76


    Your not crazy , when I was diagnosed, I literally had 1 symptom , and I was super sick and had no idea . Best of luck my friend let us know

  • 40in37064


    I would not wait on the OraQuik tests due to the fact that you will have to have a confirmatory test performed (Western Blot). If you are positive, you need to get on treatment as quickly as possible so that what is referred to as your CD4 nadir (lowest CD4 count) is not too low.

  • Nol


    Go to your physician and request the lab test. I’ve been poz for 14 years and that would be my advice. You can also access care at an urgent care facility for this, if you don’t have a doctor or you can’t get in to see him.

  • rjay


    I was diagnosed In 2017 stopped medication in 2019 due to always feeling like I was sick,haven't felt sick sense but my cd4 is 6% and I have aids now.

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