Doc cancelled my appointment.. set an appointment with a new doctor, supposed to get my first scopy as soon as I can get a GI referral.. feeling pretty hopeless :/

Crohn's Disease (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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  • AdariI


    Don't feel hopeless! I've felt hopeless a while back and one I saw a gi doctor she told me she is worried I have Crohn's. This whole time I thought this stuff was normal and even had a past doctor just tell me it's normal. Just keep pushing I promise you'll get the help you need don't give up 💙💙

  • CrohnsyPoo


    It can take 2-3 months to get into your first GI appointment, but once you're in and get a diagnosis, you get scene much faster. I was having 10-15 bowl movements, dropping weight like crazy, awaiting my first GI appointment. Even though my quality of life seemed so low, I wasn't actually dying, and little did I know I was a few months away from feeling much better. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, and even though I have to switch meds again here soon due to another flare m, it's manageable and nothing like that first weighting period. You can do this! You are going to get the help you need. Stay hydrated, and remember to live life for more than your symptoms. Even if it's just to take a breathe and feel the comfort of a nice blanket.

    • erine1992


      you’re soooo lucky? I must live in the middle of nothing took 6 months for doctor appointment, 2 more months for a colonoscopy and it’ll 5 months from that point that I will see the doctor again….. I’m sitting here in pain, and they don’t even care. I know it’s mostly cuz of insurance but it’s also because doctors are so slammed right now

      • CrohnsyPoo


        Wow! 6 months for GI doctor and another 2 months for colonoscopy...that's terrible! Whereas I didn't feel lucky at the time, I certainly do now. I live in Seattle which is in the center of a lot of hospitala and have Kaiser Insurance which they do everything internally, so maybe one the two contributed to my faster appointments. It took about 4 1/2 months of symptoms and running other tests before getting my primary care to refer me to a GI doctor. Then it was 2 months waiting, and about a month later had the colonoscopy. But I remember seeing my GI doctor within a few weeks after my colonoscopy. I'm sorry you're still in the waiting game... 5 months after a colonoscopy is a really long time to not get seen again. I hope you get good treatment soon 💛

  • Goos3


    hey I’m new here! got diagnosed in early 2020 while I was home from college w the pandemic. From my first appointment with my primary care physician (who didn’t really think I needed to be seen), it took a couple months to get through the whole process to a diagnosis (about 5). And it was awful I won’t lie, I’m really sorry you’re going through this right now. But before summer vacation I was almost completely restored and felt great. You got this

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