Do you know when a manic episode is beginning?
When it gets to a point where you cannot control what do you do?
Does hospitalization help you?

Bipolar Disorder

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  • prosey


    I don't know that there's any one hint, and everyone is different. My sleep is my first clue, difficulty falling/staying asleep. There are others, but that's the big one for me; so taking an antipsychotic (I have it just in case, not for regular use) helps "reset" my sleep. Hospitalization is something I avoid at all costs...because of the costs. It's stupid expensive.

  • Deathfuffy


    Ok so this might not be super helpful. But when I am manic the world is brighter. First hint. Next is I can’t stop smiling, I never smile. I normally binge shows so I don’t do anything stupid while manic. Playing sims also helps since I am confined to one area of the house and can get a lot done which makes me feel happy.

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